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USB Turntables offer the best and the most exciting way of listening to digital music. With the invention of USB turntables, transferring of LP music to the computer is possible in the easiest way. These facilitate in a way that you just need to plug it through the USB port with the audio software such as Audacity. This has become a special gadget for the people for vinyl lovers.Learn more about this at akai bt500.

Entire music market is packed with a range of turntables offered by various brands for excellent music.

Numark is one of the most renowned brands in the segment of the DJ equipments. They manufacture DJ mixers, CD players, MP3s and turntable. These are meant to deliver some of the best and the premium quality sound. The most popular model from Numark is TTX USB Digital Direct Drive Turntable which is known for its excellent performance and processes.

The audio is directly transferred with the help of USB cable and for PC and Mac, they are provided with Audacity software. The USB connection also helps in the instant conversion of vinyl to digital form. It also exhibits the user adjustable high torque that ranges from 2. 5, 3. 7 and 4. 7 kgfcm direct drive motor.

It also exhibits a DSP motor control system for controlling the speed accurately. It also has an interchangeable tonearm system along with LCD display and 33-45-78 rpm speed. It also features anti drag aluminum platter for reducing the excess rotating friction.

Numark TTXUSB is one of the best, efficient and professional turntables as it provides an exclusive designed for DJ. With the addition of silicon rubber base in the system for absorbing the vibrations produced by the motor and dampening feedback of low end.

It also features an interchangeable tone arm for DJ style music. This also exhibits total control and versatility due to output bay.

Stanton T90 USB Turntable is another brand which stands out of similar due to its excellent quality audio and ease of operation. Due to these reasons, it has become most popular among the DJs who always pursue outstanding music systems.

The audio built in card improves the performance of the sound quality and also providing the capacity of recording with 16 bit up to 48 kHz.

The distinct feature of this turntable is that it can mix the audio compilation of the computer with the turntable audio with the same output giving you the freedom to combine the analog and digital audio at one. It can also be used by selecting mode selector switch for 33, 45 and 78 rpm.

The Stanton T90 can also be used for recording and plackback. The audio output from the system is very clean and of excellent quality and are great for rocking and exciting parties. These are also very popular among the people who would like to their wide vinyl audio collection.